Web of Spiderman #32 Homage Covers

Web of Spiderman #32 (November 1987)

Swamp Thing #13 (December 1974)

Web of Spiderman #32 (November 1987)

“Kraven’s Last Hunt (Part 4): Resurrection”

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Cover Artist:
Mike Zeck, Bob McLeod
Penciler: Mike Zeck
Inker: Bob McLeod
Featured Characters: Spiderman (Peter Parker)
Villains: Kraven the Hunter

The cover of Web of Spiderman #32 is one of the most iconic modern Spiderman covers. Its popularity and desirability make it a minor-key for many collectors.

However, Mike Zeck was not the first comic artist to use the motif of climbing from the grave. That honor goes to Nestor Redondo, a virtually unknown comic artist it seems, for the cover of DC’s Swamp Thing #13 (December 1974) more than a decade earlier. Perhaps Redondo’s obscure cover art inspired Zeck’s masterfully-crafted art which graces Web of Spiderman #32.