Superman (Vol 2) #75 (Death of Superman) Homage Covers

Superman (Vol 2) #75 - January 1993

Superman (Vol 2) #75 (January 1993) – The Death of Superman

“The Death of Superman” was marketed to be a significant event in comics, crossing over DC’s most popular titles, from Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Superman, Superman: The Man of Steel to Justice League of America. Millions of copies of these DC titles were printed. It was, after all, the death of the superhero which spawned an entire genre.

Superman #75 – in which Superman dies, along with his nemisis, Doomsday – …

Without Superman, we would not have super heroes or heroines today to love, collect or appreciate. Superheroes and superheroines have influenced America’s entertainment through the modern age, from the days of radio, through the invention of black-and-white television and then color, to big-budget silver screen summer blockbusters. Without Superman, some of us – as collectors and individuals – would not be the person we are today. We choose to believe a man can fly. Or that a woman can be equal to and have the same rights as men. Or that with great power comes great responsibility.


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