Superman #243 Homage Covers

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Superman #243 (Neal Adams Cover) - October 1971

Superman #243 (October 1971)

“The Starry-Eyed Siren of Space”

Writer: Cary Bates
Cover Artist: Neal Adams
Penciler: Curt Swan
Inker: Murphy Anderson

Synopsis: A female alien intelligence creates a human body for herself, and is endangered by menaces of her own subconscious creation. Her mate asks Superman to help save her, but when she falls for Superman, he builds a duplicate Superman body for himself and battles the Man of Steel. Eventually, the misunderstanding is cleared and Superman returns to Earth.

Sometimes an artist will homage his or her own earlier work, as in the case of Neal Adams, a popular artist whose first published work appeared in Adventures of the Fly #4 (January 1960). Neal has homaged his “Starry-Eyed Siren” cover for two other DC titles, Jonah Hex (Vol 1) and Wonder Woman (Vol 4).


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