Paul Green’s Cereal Box Cosplay Homages

Comics added Jan 10, 2023 | Comic Cover Special Collections, Homage Covers, Product & Advertisement Homages

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Cereal Box Cosplay Limited Edition Comic Covers by Paul Green

The last few years have been particularly flush with limited edition variant comics. Some might say that the last few years have been reminiscent of the 1990s, when gimmick variants were intentionally introduced to inflate comic book sales.

Paul Green, like Natali Sanders and David Nakayama, has produced beautiful limited edition and exclusive variants. One of Paul’s greatest series of variants has been his cosplay cereal box homages for Zenescope, which began in 2020. These types of covers are called “cosplay” as the comic characters pretend to be characters found in other mediums, i.e. cereal box characters in this case. Many of Paul’s cereal cosplay variant covers come as a standard PG-rated sometimes-barely-clothed variant and a Z-rated topless risque variant. In fact, many of Paul’s cosplay variants – Star Wars and superhero cosplay variants included – come in PG- and Z-rated pairs.

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