Magazine Cover Homages

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Comic Covers Inspired by the Magazine Stand

mag·a·zine (/ˈmaɡəˌzēn,ˌmaɡəˈzēn/): a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest.

Magazines and comics, which are magazines by definition, were found side-by-side at grocery, convenience and book stores across America. Young readers eagerly waited for that magic day of the week – Wednesdays even then! – to bicycle to the corner supermarket or 7-11 after school to pick up the latest chapter in the lives of their favorite characters. Superman. Batman. Fantastic Four. Spider-Man. Silver Surfer. Captain America. Moon Knight. Wonder Woman. Swamp-Thing. And more.

Comics are no longer found in grocery and convenience stores, though a small selection of popular magazines may still be found among the chips, cookies, chewing gum, snacks and other offerings.

Though comics and magazines no longer share self-space like the good ol’ days, cover artists are sometimes inspired by popular magazines, usually women’s magazines, but sometimes also sports and entertainment/variety magazines. Once in a while, an artist may steal a well-known cover, such as Demi Moore’s groundbreaking Vanity Fair cover from 1991 or Janet Jackson’s infamous nude Rolling Stone cover from 1993. Sometimes a magazine, such as The Saturday Evening Post, synonymous with Americana and the artist Norman Rockwell, has an established design that due to its associations with America, baseball and apple pie, inspires cover artists time-and-time again.

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