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Bob Layton’s Homage to Tales of Suspense #39

Veteran artist Bob Layton’s powerful cover for The Invincible Iron Man #126 (September 1979) masks a dark and relevant story about the self-destructive nature of alcoholism, the sixth chapter in the “Demon in a Bottle” story arc, which begins in issue #120 and runs through issue #128. The critically acclaimed and increasingly popular arc features two notable & iconic covers – #126 & #128 – both of which have been respected and homaged many times since they first graced the newsstand.

Layton is perhaps best remembered for his – are you ready for it? – iconic work on Iron Man, a title for which he had two runs…a run which lasted from #116 – #154. Both covers, pencilled by Layton, have been respected and homaged ever since publication. Layton’s Iron Man run features many other memorable covers as well.

In 1978, Layton reunited with Michelinie, to co-write Iron Man. The two would become regular creative partners, and began their collaboration on Iron Man with #116 (November 1978).[8] Micheline and Layton established Tony Stark’s alcoholism with the story “Demon in a Bottle”, and introduced several supporting characters, including Stark’s bodyguard girlfriend Bethany Cabe;[9] Stark’s personal pilot and confidant James Rhodes, who later became the superhero War Machine;[10] and rival industrialist Justin Hammer,[11] who was revealed to be the employer of numerous high-tech armed enemies Iron Man fought over the years. The duo introduced the concept of Stark’s specialized armors[12] The two collaborated on the title until #154 and then returned for a second run from #215 (Feb. 1987) to #250 (Dec 1989).

Layton’s cover for #126 is a modern homage to Iron Man’s first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39, published sixteen years prior in March 1963.


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