Demi Moore Vanity Fair (August 1991) Homage Covers

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Vanity Fair (Demi Moore Pregnant & Nude Cover) - August 1991

Demi Moore: Pregnant & Nude

Vanity Fair magazine featured then 27-year-old actress Demi Moore – nude & seven months pregnant with her second child with husband Bruce Willis, another well-known Hollywood celebrity – on the cover of the August 1991 issue in a pose that Time magazine likened to an “earthquake,” shaking the U.S., if not the world. The cover, labeled indecent by some critics shortly after publication, featured Ms. Moore wearing nothing but her birthday suit and diamond jewelry while covering her nearest breast with one hand and supporting a large baby bump with the other, glowing and defiantly proud of her simple but powerful fertile womanhood. In 2012, Time ranked the cover among its top ten picks for nude magazine covers.



Source: Time Magazine

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