DC Comics & Robot Chicken Variants (2014)

1st Robot Chicken Variant (Aquaman #12, October 2012)

Aquaman #29 (2014 Robot Chicken Variant Series)

Popular Among Late-Night Audiences & Comic Collectors Alike

In September 2012, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim aired a DC Comics-themed special episode of the popular Robot Chicken program. To celebrate the event, DC published a 1:10 variant of Aquaman (Volume 7, #12) featuring the DC characters from the program on the cover. Aquaman. in the cover scene, triumphantly holds the unconscious body of Superman above his head as he stands poised atop the other defeated heroes of the Justice League of America – Batman, Flash & Green Lantern – while Wonder Woman, weak from battle, appears to beg him to be merciful.

In the Spring of 2014, Adult Swim aired a second DC-themed special – “Villains in Paradise” – and DC retaliated by publishing 22 Robot Chicken-themed incentive variants across its most popular titles. Aquaman, this time around, enjoys a delicious lobster dinner in a posh restaurant as an octopus and porpoise discover his treachery. Batwoman has left a note with three bound-up crooks for the older, slower Batman: “Too slow!” Two-Face confronts a long moment of indecision before a parking meter. Barry puts Flash back into dance. As the heroes wait in line for the men’s room at the Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman, the lone heroine, struts into the ladies’ room to take care of business. The entire series captures the elements of Robot Chicken that make it so popular among the late-night audience.

DC experimented with other variant covers during this period as well, such as the DC Bombshells variant series in the sumer of 2014.

A third DC-themed special Robot Chicken – “Magical Friendship” – aired in October 2015. This time, DC left well enough alone.


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