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Bullitt (Movie Poster) 1968 Starring Steve McQueen
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Bullitt & Steve McQueen Capture America’s Hearts

Bullitt, released in October 1968, is based the 1963 novel Mute Witness by Robert L. Fish (writing as Robert L. Pike). The film, starring Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn and Jacqueline Bisset, is an American neo-noir action thriller directed by Peter Yates and produced by Philip D’Antoni. Alan R. Trustman and Harry Kleiner wrote the screenplay while Lalo Schifrin wrote the original jazz-inspired score.

Bullitt was a box-office and critical success. Frank P. Keller received an Academy Award for Best Film Editing. The film was also nominated for Best Sound. In 1969, Trustman and Kleiner won an Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America for Best Motion Picture Screenplay.

Bullitt is perhaps most notable for its 11-minute car chase scene through the streets of San Francisco, regarded as one of the most influential in movie history. “The realism and practical stunt work behind the film’s car chases still hold up today,” Liam Gaughan notes on Collider, “and were very influential on iconic ‘70s action films like The French Connection, Gone in 60 Seconds, Smokey and the Bandit, and even Mad Max.” The influential 11-minute scene features not only McQueen’s brooding anti-hero performance and noteworthy driving skills (McQueen was obsessed with all types of motor racing) but also three testosterone-fueled now-classic American muscle cars, Bullitt’s Ford Mustang 390 GT and a pair of Dodge Charger R/T 400s.

In 2007, the Library of Congress selected Bullitt for preservation in the United States National Film Registry, noting it as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

To be honest, we are surprised that the film and movie poster have not been parodied on a Deadpool cover.

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