Batman #9 Homage Covers

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Batman #9 (February 1942)

“The Four Fates”

Writer: Bill Finger
Cover Artist: Fred Ray, Jerry Robinson
Penciler: Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson
Inker: Jerry Robinson, George Rousos

Synopsis: A radio show host introduces his guest: The Great Jaffeer; a man known for the valuable gem he wears on his turban. At that same moment, four criminals have decided to steal the gem from Jaffeer, not knowing that he is being listened on radio by all the people in the city including Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Before they kill him, Jaffeer curses each thief with a very specific way of dying. Bruce and Dick change into their crime fighting gear and go to the place of Fritz, the fence, who is known for working with criminals and their stolen jewels.

The Uncanny X-Men#141, like Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, is a case of mistaken homage. Modern readers mistakenly credit John Byrne’s work on Marvel’s The Uncanny X-Men #141 (January 1981) as the source for later covers which use the same general scene of heroes portrayed as fugitives backed up against a wall while illuminated by a bright spotlight. While Byrne did not create the motif, Byrne seems to have added an important, defining element: A grid of wanted posters or notices behind the fugitives, some ominously marked “dead” or “deceased.” Although Byrne’s work on the cover of The Uncanny X-Men #141 has become iconic, the general motif first appeared as early as 1942 in Batman #9.

The comics shown below include the general motif from Batman #9 as well as Byrne’s defining element of wanted posters on the wall behind the apparent “fugitives.”

Source: DC Fandom