Archie & Friends: Hot Summer Movies #1 (June 2023) Homage Variant Covers

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Archie Characters Cosplay as Timeless Movie Icons

The “summer blockbuster” began on June 20, 1975 with the release of Steven Spielberg’s shark film, Jaws, adapted from the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley, who at 27 quit his job writing for President Johnson to write the book. Jaws one might say serves as a metaphor for the film industry prior to its release. Think of the Great White shark in the film as the mass of potential movie-goers in the summer months. Theaters have tried to lure and capture this “shark” during the summer months since the 1920s, when air conditioning was introduced to movie theaters to combat the heat of summer and make patrons more comfortable. Despite cooler temperatures in theaters, the summer months continued to starve theater owners as the least profitable season of the year. Patrons simply enjoyed the great outdoors more than the great indoors. Decade after decade, theater owners baited patrons, yet they remained hidden in the depths of summer.

As the summer of 1975 scrolled toward the silver screen, a wildly successful marketing and merchandising campaign…

George Lucas in 1977 tested this “blockbuster” strategy again for his film, Star Wars. Like Jaws, Star Wars was….

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