Pubic Cleft Comic Book Cover Gallery

Comics added Dec 9, 2022 | Thematic Groupings

Another Sexist Trope…Does It Inflate Sales or Value?

Numbers don’t lie. Men buy comic books. Probably because men are, as a general rule, more visually-cued than the fairer gender. Hence, the guilty pleasures of sexist tropes in comic art and comic covers: headlights, trunks… and now the pubic cleft. We apologize in advance – we don’t yet have a suitable euphemism for this feature of the feminine form.

What we do have is a gallery which boldly displays this (modern?) trope – the feminine pubic cleft – in all its full-color titillating glory.

Some displays of the pubic cleft are so very subtle, just a hint or wisp perhaps, but when it graces one of the world’s most popular superheroines in perhaps only the faintest darker shade… the result is a powerful modern grail which continues to climb in value year after year. Of course, Alex Garner’s Wonder Woman #614 incentive cover is much more than Wonder Woman’s subtly-shaded cleft. Every brush stroke of the painted cover leads the viewer’s eye directly to the center of Wonder Woman’s being, masterfully reflected in a mirror on the floor, displaying past and present through the character’s modern and traditional costumes simultaneously. Mirrors have had magical properties throughout all of art and literature – one need think only of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty with it’s “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?” for example. No doubt the mirror highlighting Wonder Woman’s perhaps most private feminine feature has had magical results in the collectibility and value of this particular comic.

Other displays are clearly less subtle, as we see below, and much less magical, if we are being honest.

Since you’re here, we hope you enjoy this display of intimate feminine wiles.