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Models, Inc. #1 (Scott Clark Variant) - October 2009

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A Murder Mystery Starring Millie the Model

From the Source:

“Models, Inc. is a comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics in 2009. The lead story is written by Paul Tobin and illustrated by Vicenc Villagrasa, Gary Martin and Terry Pallot, with color art by Val Staples.The story is a murder mystery starring long-running Marvel character Millie Collins, originally introduced in Millie the Model. Other major characters include Toni Turner, Chili Storm and Jill Jerold, all of them returning cast from Millie’s previous books.

When a robbery and a murder take place on a photo shoot, the models get entangled in events both as investigators and suspects. And it’s not long before they find themselves in danger as well…

Although superpowers aren’t central to the story, it’s also set in the shared Marvel Universe and Patsy Walker (Hellcat) is another key character in the series, with some familiar faces from other Marvel books also appearing.

The first issue was released September 10, 2009.”

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