DC Universe Selfie Variant Covers (2014)

DC Comics Selfie Variant Month 2014 Category Image

DC Comics Embraces the Digital Age

DC Comics declared October 2014 to be Selfie Month and published selfie variants across its core New 52 titles to honor the milestone in the digital age. Photographs over time have recorded faces and events since the late 1830s. The selfie is the latest in the natural march in technology which now powers photography. Selfies today are ubiquitous to social platforms such as Facebook and Instragram, to name only two.

A closer exploration of the selfie phenomenon introduces our general selfie comic book cover gallery.

DC’s selfie variants from 2014 — a total of 22 variants — tend to be playful and underscore friendships and relationships — and sometimes personalities (such as Batman’s inability to smile). We hope you enjoy this gallery!

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